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11/27/12- New Bio page for 6' Amazon Mistress Epiphany, looking stunning and smoking in Leather Corset, Gloves, Skirt, and Boots!

2/3/12 -
Mr. Marcus comes to the Doctor complaing of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When he refuse to undress for the exam, Doctress Troy pulls his pants down to discover Women's panties! Appaarently, the problem is not to much typing but to much crossdresssing and surfing the net at work and watching porn! She blackmails him and forcing him into bondage and whatever bizarre medical tortures She has in mind to cure his compulsive masturbation!!! Plenty - o - Naughty Nurse Fantasy / Rubber Nurse, Doctor Patient Role play, panty humiliation, medical examination, Verbal humilations, financal domination, Black mail and more!

New free sample pics of Mistress Cybill B. Troy in Latex, Rubber, Leather, Thigh High Boots, Opera Gloves, High Heels and more on Her home, bio and portfolio pages!

12/15/11 -
New free sample gallery pic s of Dante Posh doing  mummification, rubbe fetish, ball gagging, forced golden showers, enemas,  piercing, foot /high heel worhip, ball busting, face sitting / smothering and caging all in a HOT latex catsuit and uber high heels!

New free pics of Dante Posh! Her home & Bio page completely updated with new pics and info and new portfolio page added!

12/11/11 Free sample clip with Dante Posh featuring, 6' Rubber Domme Extraordinaire showering Her attention on a plastic wrapped and jaw clamped slave -8 in this 2 minute sample clip from the 60 minute full length video. Spitting, golden shower, humiliation and other fun in this sample clip! See whole film in members area or purchase individual clips  here!!!

29 free sample gallery pics from the video "The Crying Game" of Cybill B. Troy doing CBT, waxing / castration, blood sports, suturing, cross dressing, forced femization, edge play, piercing, saline inflation, medical, naughty nurse roleplay/ rubber nurse, hard sports!

 8/18/11 44 free sample pics from the Video "The Cable Guy" of Cybill B. Troy doing Cock and Ball Torture, penis punishment, Smoking Fetish, Human Astray service,, cigarette torture, smothering, face sitting, singeltailing, clothespins, caning, bird cage, smoking boot worship, black leather thigh high boots, latex and rubber fetish, ball stretching and more!

8/8/11 Mistress Cybill B. Troy's
section completely updated with new pics to Her home, bio and a new portfolio pagelatex, rubber, leather, corsets, skyscraper high heels, Rubber Nurse fantasy costume, boots pantyhose and doing smoking fetish! added featuring Her wearing FABULOUS

New Free Gallery pics of Amazon Goddess Julie Simone doing Nurse Fantasy Role-play,
heavy medical and invasive procedures, penis pump, elertic shock therapy with a tens unit,  CBT, Cock and Ball Torture, Sounds, penis punishment, medical exam,anal training, prostate massage slut training and more!

5/31/11- New Free Gallery pic of Amazon Goddess and busty Brunette, Julie Simone doing foot and leg fetish, wearing vinatge lingerie, high heels, garter belt and stocking and showing of her beautiful painted red toe nails! Great for Foot slaves and fetishists!

9/21/08 Mistress Tara's Cinderfella Birthday Party and slave Olympics the Friday, September 26th at 9PM at Her LA Dungeon! Click here for info!
1/26/06 forum back up! returning members invitied to re-register for testing! check out the boards, post, check out the new features and tell Us what you think!
1/19/08 Mistress page newly updates with new contact info, new pics, new Mistresses, guests, features and more! 12/16/07 - Free sample clip with Mistress Darenzia featuring, POVcigarrette torture, smoking fetish, human ashtray training, latex / rubber fetish, lipstick fetish, verbal humiliation, foot fetish, spitting, human spitton training, nylon stockings fetish and more! See the unedited 18 minute video in members area or dowload it here!!!
12/07/07 - Genevieve meets a racist skinhead at a nightclub, and lures him back to the Dungeon on the pretense of meeting up with other white supremacists. He soon finds himself , shackled, and face fucked by Goddess Camille Stryke, while Genevieve gets elbow deep in his ass! Kidnapping, humiliation, dildo and anal training, Extreme CBT, severe caning, trampling, ball busting, face sitting, spitting, face slapping,  and more follow in the unedited 45 minute video in members area

11/19/07 - New, free sample video clip!  This one's got No, plot, no story line, just pure unadulterated gonzo/corporal anal action! Watch Tara, Aiden and Aidriana go to town with Heavy OTK spanking, bloodsports, paddling, corporal punishment, caning, strict discipline, bondage, dildo training, double penetration, fisting and more in members area
11/02/07- New free sample video clips w/ Domina Athena featuring latex and rubber fetish, verbal and physical humiliation, suspension, bare handed spanking, wedgies, ball busting, smothering, face sitting, forced ass worship, human spittoon training, spitting, smoking fetish, cigarette torture, human ashtray, paddling, size comparison, boot worship & face smacking

9/01/07 - New! Our pay-per-minute store is online! Now, you can view Our fulll line of full length videos and DVDs at just 8 per minute with no monthly commitments before you buy or join! 100% never before scene original content & more!

1/25/06 - New free sample gallery pics of Mistresses Camille, Marilyn and Mariko doing EXTREME forced-bi, leather bondage and fetish, HOM, asphixiation, strap-on dildo training, nipple torture, spitting, human spittoon training, cigarette torture, smoking fetish, anal, clothespin punishment, CBT, forced cock sucking, gang-bang &long fingernail / talons fetish, hursuit / hairy fetish, Golden Showers and much, much more!!!

1/17/06 - New free sample gallery pics of Asian Goddes Mariko doing trampling, nipple punishment, crushing, stomping, kicking, ball busting, foot leg and high heels fetish and more!
12/20/06 New pics of Ingrid on Her home, bio and portfolio pages!!!
12/19/06 Mistress Camille's wishlists up in time for Christmas! Get in the holiday spirit by getting you favorite DOI Mistress something special for the holiday's for their wardrobe that you both can enjoy! More wishlist's to follow!

12/16/06 New free sample gallery pics from Mistress Brittany Andrews' last visit featuring Her wearing Her  latex catsuit and doing rubber fetish, footworship,  barefoot & high heels fetish, tramping, stomping, crushing, CBT, clothespins discipline, smothering, face sitting, strap-on dildo and anal training, butt plug punishment, fisting, forced bi fantasy, cock sucking, OTK spanking, hair brush paddling, humiliation and more!

 12/13/06 Mistress Emily's section completely updated with new pics of her on Her home page, bio and portfolio showing off Her extensive latex, rubber and lather  wardrobe featuring catsuits, corsets, pants, bustiers, bras, panties, hot shorts, girdles, stockings, high heels and boots!!!
 11/21/06 - New Portfolio added for Brittany Andrews featuring her extensive fetish wardrobe consisting of custom corsets, thigh high leather boots, high heels, latex, rubber, PVC, fantasy costume and leather!
 11/16/06 - Hear Goddess Diana Vesta's interview w/ Mistress Tara Indiana in Her radio show by clicking here!
11/11/06 Mistress Brittany Andrews bio and home page newly updated with Her wardrobe info and new pics featuring Her in latex and PVC catsuit, thigh high leather boots, rubber bodysuit and more!!!
10/14/06 - New free sample gallery pics of Mistresses Mariah and Alexa doing  Japanese rope bondage, flogging, CBT, cock & ball bondage, nipple torture, spitting, ass worship, trampling, smothering, face sitting, clothespins discipline, ball busting, Golden and Brown Showers, toliet training & human spitton and more!
10/11/06 New gallery pics of Mistress Mariah doing leather fetish, CBT, cock and ball bondage, human ashtray servitude, OTK spanking, foot worship and spitting!!!9/30/06- Mistress Delilah loans Her slave to Mistress Alexa and here are the new sample pics featuring leather hooding, leather opera gloves fetish, ball gagging, HOM, CBT, nipple torture, smothering, Japanese rope bondage, leather restraint, foot torture, trampling, hogtie, foot fetish and more!!!
9/20/06 - Info for this month's "Back to School Ball Busting Extravoganza"! Foot slaves, punching bags, whipping boys, human carpets & human spittoons come find your rightful places! All School Masters, Mistresses, Teachers, naughty girls and boys, wayward teans and bad babysitters over 21 welcomed!
9/18/06 - New portfolio retrospective pics of Switch Mariah wearing leather, latex, rubber, PVC, schoolgirl uniform, vinatge lingerie, corset, opera gloves, garter belt and cuban heeled nylon stockings, corsets, boots and more!!!
9/17/06 - Petite Latin Princess, Mistress Mariah from New York coming to visit October 9th-15th Only!!!
8/10/06 Info on this month's "Cruel Summer Party featuring Mistresses Delilah, Savannah, Alexa, Asha, Scarlett, Obsidian Phoenix and more!

7/17/06 - New portfolio pics of Japanese Goddess, Mistresss Suki clad in leather from head to toe with corset and thigh high boots, also lingerie, garter belt & stockings w/high heels!
7/11/06 Busty Blonde Goddess with long fingernails, Mistress Genevieve Now available for Web Cam Sessions!
6/29/06 New Portfolio pics of Scat Queen Mistress Delilah wearing latex, rubber, PVC, vinyl, leather, tight jeans, corsets, vinatge lingerie cuban heeled nylon stockings and more!

3/23/05 New pics of Asian Goddess, Mistress Mitsu in Her portfolio featuring latex mini dress, lingerie and thigh high stockings and Catholic Schoolgirl costume!
1/11/05 New Gallery pics of Mistress Vivian doing latex fetish, bare bottom, bare hand,  spanking, paddling and heavy corporal punishment on an X-Cross and a horse!
1/7/05 New gallery pics of switch Vivian from Her film with Rick Savage featuring breast punishment, tit-torture, nipple discipline, clothespin torture, hot wax, rope bondage and struggle, leather restraint, suspension, blindfolds, sensory depravation, pinwheel torment, ball gagging and damsel in distress actions!
1/05/05 New gallery pics of Busty redheaded, vintage vixen, Mistress Vivian doing Naughty Nurse fantasy exam, forced feminization, crossdressing, corset training, Golden Showers, OTK, bare bottom, bare hand, spanking and more!
10/23/05 - New Portfolio pics of Mistress Maya Sinstress of Chicago featuring PVC, corsetry, thigh high boots & more!
9/30 New free sample gallery pics of Ebony Goddess, Mistress Sinnamon Love doing Heavy CBT, sounds, play piecrcing, penis stuffing, a double fisting, foot fucking, and all while donned in PVC from head to toe!
9/28/05 New sample galery pics of Julie Simone in a latex catsuit and thigh high boots doing forced boot and ass worship, trampliung, ball busting, OTK spanking and severe caning!

9/20/05 Info on this  Friday's fetish party right here in Los Angeles.  Theme: "Back to School" Featuring Mistress Delilah and Genevieve and all the Ladies of DOI LA! This is a members only party so be sure to join or miss out on all ther fun!
9/15/05 New pics of Julie Simone on Her home page, bio page and portfolio page featuring Her latex catsuit, black leather thigh high boots, corset, vinatge nylon stockings and high heels!
9/13/05 New Portfolio pics Mistress Seven in Her  Latex Evening Gown, PVC bodysuit and fishnet stockings
9/07/05 Mistress Genevieve section completely updated with new picture of her in PVC, leather, rubber and latex!
7/14/05 Visiting Mistress from DOINYC, fetish model Darenzia! July 26-28 ONLY!
7/12/05 NEW! Mistress Violette Lane
7/6/05 Welcome back Julie Simone! & She brought a Fetish Film Star Friend Zenova
6/26/05 NEW Gallery of Mistress Genevieve's When in Rome video! CBT, trampling, face torture, roman showers, shoe worship!
6/25/05 NEW Video available!  Kidnapped Cunnilingus - hardcore girl/girl action featuring Head Mistress Aiden Starr!
6/24/05 Check out the NEW Video section! Featuring When in Rome....for heavy roman shower fetishists and Punished by my Wife...for domestic discipline FEM DOM!  These titles are available exclusively through Den of Iniquity!
NEW CHAT FEATURE! Become a Member to join in or watch for free NEXT CHAT: Mistress Genevieve
2/9@6pm6/21/05 Site relaunch! Check for a new video section coming soon! This Friday - don't miss the DVD release party for Mistress Genevieve's When in Rome...
4/14/05 NEW PICS of Mistress Genevieve Latex Nurse Uniform, Stocking fetish, smoking fetish! Check out her Bio, & Portfolio
4/5/05 NEW Schedule for Mistress Persephone All April Long! Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday!
3/9/05 NEW Gallery of Mistress Genevieve - Femdom, corporal punishment, rope bondage, foot torture, whipping, smothering, trampling!
3/8/05 NEW Portfolio Pics of Fetish Diva Julie Simone
3/8/05 NEW Home Page and Bio Pics for Mistress Genevieve! & NEW HUGE FREE
Smoking Gallery!
2/14/05 NEW Schedule for Goddess Helena! Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday nights & Friday days!
2/14/05 Aiden Starr loves girls...Check out the new VIDEO CLIP of Her acting out a twisted Mommy dearest fantasy with smoking fetish, age regression, light girl-girl! MEMBERS ONLY to view you need TO JOIN
2/9/05 NEW Teaser Gallery!  Aiden Starr & her petite asian friends play with rope! MORE, MORE, MORE? members enter
2/7/05 NEW VIDEO CLIP! Mistress Anna Valentina smoking "Do you ever smoke in session?"
2/4/05 3 NEW VIDEO CLIPS OF BTS Mistress Aiden Starr's thigh high boot fetish - up close and personal!& 4 NEW VIDEO CLIPS struggle in bondage! MEMBERS ONLY
Why haven't you JOINed yet?1/28/05 NEW MEMBERS GALLERY! Alexxa Hexx SMOKING pics! PREVIEW
Lusty, Busty, Blonde Mistress Genevieve tortures her personal slave in a live, real-time sesison!  Femdom rope bondage, full restraint, spread-eagle bondage, heavy cbt torture and bondage, face torture and bondage, spitting, vibro-torture, smoking fetish, human ashtray, tickling, all while wearing a latex dress and thigh high patent leather boots!
1/22/05 NEW CHAT FEATURE! Become a Member to join in or watch for free NEXT CHAT:Mistress Alexxa
1/12/05 UPDATED BIO pics PORTFOLIO PICS & 3 brand SPANKIN' new Galleries of Julie Simone spanking a female submissive, smoking in a latex mask, dominating a business man while wearing clear latex, spanking, choking, ashtray training, cigarette torture, ball busting, cbt, rope bondage, scratching, fingernail fetish, physical domination, OTK!
12/22/04 NEW GALLERY for Mistress Genevieve getting naughty with strange girls on the Dr. Suzy Block show!
12/20/04 NEW MEMBERS GALLERY! Head Mistress Aiden Starr smokin' sexy in Latex!
The Tall Goddess and Aiden Starr in our medical room get into some HOT girl on girl action!  Pussy torture, bondage, nipple torture, smothering! JOIN HERE
12/10/04 NEW MEMBERS GALLERY! Head Mistress Aiden Starr and Wicked Princess Dora shave a slave bound in duct tape in our Medical Room! PREVIEW HERE Want to see it all? JOIN HERE
12/04 HEAD MISTRESS PORSCHE LYNN of DOIAZ visits Los Angeles 12/6-12/11!
12/7/04 NEW MEMBERS GALLERY! Leather Domina Christine Justice punishes a tiny male slave!
Japanese rope bondage, caning. PREVIEW HERE Want More? JOIN HERE OR MEMBERS VIEW HERE
12/3/04 NEW MEMBERS GALLERY! Mistress Cassandra Femdom - Latex Fetish, CBT, NT, Boot Worship!
10/13/04 NEW Porfolio and Gallery pics of Fetish Film Star Julie Simone!  Solo latex fetish, sexy secretary, fem sub, fem dom, wrestling!
10/12/04 UPDATED Portfolio for Goddess Helena!  Goddess pics, latex dress and pants, knee-high patent leather boots, expensive lingerie, gold jewelry, long fingernails, corsets, and NAUGHTY NURSE!
10/7/04 SPECIAL PROMOTION! Book a 30 minute phone session with the Mistress of your choice and get one free month of access to our exclusive members area!
10/4/04 NEW MISTRESS!  Latin Amazon Wicked Princess Dora! Full Toilet Training, Humiliation, Domination, Sissification, Wrestling!
9/22/04 Mistress Delilah of DOINYC returns to Los Angeles! 9/29-10/6
8/14/04 NEW PICS Mistress Christine Justice Smoking Fetish!
Mistress Helena in Her brand spankin' NEW THIGH HIGH LEATHER BOOTS!
Physical Domination, Straight-Jacket Bondage, Ashtray Training, Smoking Fetish, CBT Trampling, Forced Boot Worship, Wooden Paddling, Real Finger Nail Fetish & Scratching, and FORCED ASS SNIFFING!
6/14/04 UPDATED Home Page and Bio for Goddess Helena!  Check out new pics and session specialties!
6/13/04 NEW Gallery of Eurasian Mistress Anna Valentina Strict shibari japanese rope bondage, height comparison, hair pulling
6/11/04 NEW Gallery of Mistress Taylor St. Claire & Mistress Madelyne
Forced high-heel worship, ass sniffing, smothering, physical domination, wrestling, leg scissors, choke holds, nipple torture
6/9/04 NEW MISTRESS Christine Justice
5/31/04 UPDATED Bio and new pics of Asianatrix Madelyne!
5/3/04 GET WET! Mistress Aiden Starr Latex solo gallery in the members area!
4/30/04  Members Area Update: Mistress Aiden Starr swings away on Kitty Razor in the members gallery
4/28/04 New Party Information!!!
4/27/04 New Schedule for Mistress Taylor St. Claire & Mistress Kelly Nichols
4/23/04 New Portfolio pics of Goddess Helena featuring letex fetish, knee high boots, smoking fetish, damsel in distress bondage and lingerie!

3/26/04 New gallery pics of Asian Mistress Madeline weraining PVC and boots and dominating slave alison doing Japanese rope bondage, long talons torture, ball gagging, tickle torture and more!
3/24/04 - New gallery smoking fetish pics of Eurasian Goddess Mistress Anna Valentina!
3/6/04 New gallery pics of Helena featuring bondage and stuggle, damsel in distress, ball gag and Japanese style rope bondage!
3/5 NEW FREE preview gallery of Tiger LilyAsian Bondage! Can't get enough?View the unedited gallery here

3/1 2 NEW Teaser Free Preview Galleries of Mistress Aiden Starr!
Mistress Aiden Starr & Katrina Rosebud HOT GIRL/GIRL ACTION!  &Mistress Aiden Starr FemDom boot worship, smothering, caning, human furniture with slave! Members can view the unedited galleries HERE
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2/14 NEW MISTRESSES Eurasian Mistress Madelyne & Good Girl Gone Bad Allison
2/14 NEW Full Bio's  for This Months Feature Mistresses! Mistress Evita, Taylor St. Claire and Kelly Nichols
2/9 New Bio pics for Goddess Helena smoking fetish, stockings, pin-up poses!
2/04 New Portfolio pics for Our sassy switch Adriann featuring, latex catsuit fetish, corsetry, nylon stockings and high heels!
1/25/04 - Mistress Aiden Starr's portfolio completely updated with new pics featuring body paint fetish and strap - on dildo from her cyberdomination gallery in Our members section
1/19/04 New gallery pics of Switch Adrianna from Mistress Tara's trip to Los Angeles featuring damsel in distress, bondage and struggle, English style rope bondage, predicament bondage, contortion bondage, and corset and posture training!
12/11 New Members Section of our site featuring exclusivefetish pics of Head Mistress Aiden Starr and the Den LA Mistresses / Switches/ subs and some surprise guests!12/11 DOILA Webcams go live!

12/1 New bio pics and portfolio pics for Switch Talia Monet brunette beauty in bondage!
12/1 New Galleries for
Katrina Rosebud, Mistress Nadja, Victoria Lane
with lots of girl/girl domination, forced worship, peeing, heavy bondage!11/25 New Switch Adrianna loves getting spanked,tied up, tickled, foot worship and Crossdressing!
NEW Portfolio pics for Mistress Victoria Lane shot by Perry Gallagher!
Fetish Film Star Mistress Victoria Lane Blonde  Female Supremicist of Russian Descent is here to abuse you!
10/7 Tired of playing with little girls?  Need the harsh discipline only a real Woman can provide?

NEW Mistress Sevone Blonde Amazon Bombshell with over 10 years experience

9/30 New Phone number!  323-465-8900 New Dungeon! You'll have to come here to see it!

8/15/03 Added to LA site Mistress Camille bio, portfolio, gallery

8/13/03 NEW DOI LA EVENTS! An updated section of our site that will include New Mistress announcements, travel dates, for features, photo shoots, training classes, Birthdays, parties,and special events!
Mistress Sonya seeks supplicants for Behavior Modification Limited engagement August 11-16!
New Mistress Claire Extreme Sadist

7/24 New action pics of Mistress Mercy and Porsche Lynn featuring vintage lingerie,high heels, nylons, stockings and caning!
Updated Bio for Switch Victoria NEW - Blonde Champagne and Caviar!
New Bio for Mistress Justine The Kennel Keeper!
New gallery pics of Katrina Rosebud featuring smacking, physical domination, anal punishment and strap-on dildo training!
New Switch Victoria

6/19/03 The  Infamous Sovereign Sonya is back in LA for a limited engagement 6/17-6/24!
6/9/03 Lady Syren of NYCin LA! Live r/t, phone & cam sessions!
5/29/03 New Gallery with Morgan Sterling dominating Katrina Rosebud!  Forced Shoe Worship, Nipple Torture, Trampling, Forced body worship, & Spanking
5/23/03 New Bio for Morgan Sterling
5/17 - New pic gallery of Mistress Aiden Starr and 6'5 Goddess Severa w/ Lots of Amazon/ Giantessfantasy, physical domination, lift and carry, hair pulling and dragging action!
Amazon Mistress Kiva now accepting Phone/Cam Sessions!
5/8/03 Updated Mistresses Page!  See who's in LA and who's on their way!
4/19/03 New Mistress Kiva Full Bio!
4/12/03 New Mistress Morgan Sterling
Mistress Magdelyn in LA!
3/25/03 Mistress Amanda in LA!
3/13 Completed Dungeons page including new equipment, facilities. Pics of dungeons available forreservation during the Boot Camp!
Check backfor more updates as we complete our construction
2/16 New portfolio for Mistress Aiden Starr

1/17 New pics of Mistress Alexis Fire in Bio and Portfolio and new School Teacher, OTK pics sample gallery
1/07 New Switch, International Fetish Film Star Katrina Rosebud!
12/28 New Switch, International Fetish Film Star, Bondage Model and Blond Bomb Shell,  Miss Kiki D'Aire!
12/20  New pics of Mistress Alexis Fire in full latex, thigh high boots, 8" stilettos, etc.
12/17 New Mistress coming on board; Mistress Alexis Fire! Check out her pics here
12/13 New pics of Mistress Tina Tyler in PVC cat suit, opera gloves, corset and boots

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